About SmallStep

SmallStep is a project from the team at Galactic Technologies focused on using first principles thinking and scientific expertise to explore and write about different ideas, build long term theses, and share updates around the things we're building and occasionally investing in.

We aim to be one of best ways to learn about the science, business, and strategy of various technology projects and companies pushing humanity forward.

We currently have 2 series:

  • SmallSteps: Occasional longer essays every few months consisting of deep dives into exciting technologies and perspectives, investment memos in both public and private companies, startup launches, and portfolio updates.
  • The Pulse: Brief updates every Friday about what we're researching and building at Galactic Technologies, including updates around our startups and spinouts. Expect a few sentences on things we've learned, shipped, and progress updates!

We'd love to have you along, come on board as we learn and build the future!

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